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  • 3404 W. McIntosh Circle
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  • Joplin Family YMCA South

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Our Stories

Fond Memories and Lifelong Friends

When Bob Teel was a young boy growing up in Webb City in the 1930s, his teachers let him leave school 15 minutes early 3 days a week so he could catch a streetcar to the Joplin YMCA, where he played basketball and found a mentor.

Teel was recently selected to the first class of the Webb City High School Athletes Hall of Fame, and stopped by the Y to share his memories with us. Read them here.


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It Really is a ‘Family’ Y: Remembering Property Manager Raymond Bresee

by Kim Gray


On October 21, 2016, Joplin Family Y Property Manager Ray Bresee passed away after a short and sudden illness. And while the loss of a co-worker is always difficult, Ray’s death has affected us on a particularly profound level for a number of reasons. 

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Woman Finds Purpose, Confidence Through Volunteerism

Debra was born 13 weeks premature, and her family was given a bleak outlook for her future. Due to the circumstances of Debra's traumatic birth, she suffered a significant brain hemorrage on both sides of her brain that left doctors with little hope that she would be able to even marginally function in life. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus, Debra would face many challenges, but her family was always hopeful for her future. From a very early age, Debra began to prove the doctors wrong.

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Living Life To Its Fullest

With a growing list of medical conditions, Christa was tired of being unhealthy and decided to give diet and exercise one more go before considering weight loss surgery.

Today, Christa has lost 85 pounds and feels like she has control of her life again. "I never realized how much those extra pounds were holding me back. I’m no longer watching my life go by… I’m living it to the fullest!"

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A Safe Place to Grow

"Clara is not as coordinated as other kids. This has led to numerous frustrating experiences for her when trying various sports and dance opportunities. So, early on, Clara would start cutting up and goofing off when she couldn’t accomplish what the other kids could do."

Since then, Clara has developed a love for physical activity and fitness and has even signed up for a 5K race!

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Life-Saving Skills

Cleo Nunnelly was not scheduled to work the front desk of the Joplin Family YMCA’s South Branch on March 25, but the world has a way of putting people in the right place at the right time.

"When I told Cleo [Nunnelly] to call 911, she immediately responded with, 'You call--I'm trained for this.' And with that, she went upstairs to save a man's life!"

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Becoming Healthier and Stronger

"Getting in shape is hard. Changing eating habits is hard. And doing both at the same time is challenging."

Deb joined the Joplin Family Y to try to lower her cholesterol without medicine and lose weight in the process. So far, she's lost 10 pounds and her LDL cholesterol is down 15 points!

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"Each Barrier Was Removed"

"I started having a recurring dream that I had died and my brothers were my pallbearers. They commented on how heavy I was as they were carrying me, and I would wake up thinking 'I need to do something about this weight… soon.'"

Rita decided to make a lifestyle change and signed up for the Y's Weight Loss Challenge. Twelve weeks later, she had lost 33 pounds and gained strength and mobility. 

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Comfortable Being Me

"I used to try and change myself into what others wanted me to be. But now I have changed myself to what I want to be, and I'm more happy and content with this version of me than any other version of me I’ve tried to create."

In January of 2015, Cleo started with a goal to lose "some" weight, but once she started on her journey to lose, she found more than she ever could have imagined.

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Better Than I Thought Possible

"I knew I wanted to run a race but didn’t want to blindly just sign up and run. I knew that there were techniques that I needed to learn."

Alicia started meeting with the Y's running coach, and she finished her first half marathon in 2 hours and 8 minutes—a time that she never thought possible.

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Getting Stronger

"I lost my mother suddenly in the December of 2009. This threw me into depression, and I quit working out, period. Then in May 2011, we were hit by the Joplin tornado. This caused me to spiral down even deeper into the pit of depression."

In 2015, Cora signed up for the spring Anyone Can Run class, and seven months later, Cora has run seven 5Ks!

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"I'm Just Getting Started"

"After I had my daughter, I was overweight, and for some reason, instead of losing weight, I was slowly gaining it. I wanted to be able to play with my kids and really enjoy our time together. So, I when I saw the Y's ad for the Weight Loss Challenge, I signed up."

Since then, Casey has lost 37 pounds and run five 5Ks, and she doesn't show any sign of slowing!

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My Aha Moment

"There is no point in sugar coating anything in life. Fact was, I was overweight, fat, obese, overly voluptuous or any other spin you want to put on it... I wasn’t ‘big boned’ or fluffy. I got myself obese, and I was going to get myself un-obese."

That was Erica in 2009. Today, she has not only lost 125 pounds, but she has also become a certified Zumba instructor, and teaches at the Y!

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"Dancing in Water"

"I started weighing over 200 pounds with a job that makes you want to go home at the end of the day and yell at the husband and bite the dog. No, seriously, at least eat anything I could get my hands on before dropping on the sofa, exhausted."

One year later, Susan has the same job, but she's a new woman! Now down to 175 pounds, Susan has found her "runner's high" in water exercise and calls the lost inches a bonus!

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"It's Life Sustaining"

"In my lifetime, I’m sure I’ve lost and gained a thousand pounds. (At least it sometimes felt that way.) I was born 'chubby.' When I was a teenager, I was just 'fat.' I started dieting as a teenager but was never really able to lose weight and keep it off."

Today, through healthy eating, Zumba, and the support of her friends and instructors at the Y she's lost 174 pounds!

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A Story of Hope

"I was no longer able to work, unable to care for myself, and couldn’t carry, play with, or care for my three year-old and infant sons. I spent most of the next year in bed while we tried to clear my lungs of infection."

David began walking to work to improve his condition. In 2014, he began walking in local 1-mile fun runs, and in 2015, he walked in his first 5K.

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Triumphing Together

Meet Marlee: Her mom died when she was 2, and her dad is a single parent who works full-time to support their family. One day, seemingly out of the blue, Marlee began falling and getting hurt. They thought it was just kid stuff, but there was something else going on.

Read Marlee's full story (including a happy ending that you may have helped make happen!)

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Never Going Back

"I’m not sure how it all happened exactly. Maybe it was one big meal after another. 'I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow,' I’d say. Extra cookies here and there. Just one more plate full of dinner, scoop of ice cream or late night snack. What’s just a few more? 272 pounds of 'just a few more'– that was not good. Something had to change."​

Today, Elizabeth has lost 75 pounds!

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Stronger than Before

"While riding my road bike, I slid on gravel... I was knocked unconscious. I had a concussion with a brain bleed on the left side of my brain. A week later, seizures set in."

Since then, Becky has not only recovered, but she's stronger than she was before the accident. She's become a certified Spin Instructor and an encouragement to many!

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"I Am Not Stopping Here"

"My journey with breast cancer began in August 2008. A yearly visit to my doctor resulted in six surgeries and four chemotherapy treatments in less than a year. I had no energy for a couple years, so I did not exercise or try to lose the weight."

Today, Rose has 30 pounds and practically runs up the stairs at work!

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"Dream Big and Encourage Others"

"In November 2012, I couldn't run for more than a couple minutes, and a 5K felt like an impossible task. Not only was I facing the physical feat of training my heart and lungs and legs... but I was also fighting emotional battles with every step."

Since then, Lynn completed her first marathon!

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Johnny's Story

Johnny’s* clothes were too tight, and his face was always dirty. When he sat on the swings until 6 o’clock each day, looking through the window at the kids in the YMCA’s afterschool program, they wondered why he didn’t go home. We wondered, too.

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